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It just snapped

It was about a week before Lent began when Asshole started dropping hints about some book to be published in May of 2022. The supposed book was to be “Glimpses of Beauty” and included a bunch of music according to his facebook. “Glimpses of Beauty” references a general artistic theme he applied to me when … Continue reading “It just snapped”

Grooming: By Ladybird

Gooming – Not hygiene, although that is another conversation. Today I want to talk about grooming for exploitation. In early 2019, just before I met Asshole, I was dealing with an uncomfortable situation in which my spidey senses were telling me that an adult in a youth organization I belonged to was grooming a youth … Continue reading “Grooming: By Ladybird”

$5 Million

Asshole will tell you he has $5 million if you listen to him long enough. Sometimes, he even says it is $6 million. If you don’t look impressed he gets very confused. “Darlin’, I manage more than that on a daily basis and it’s not my money so why should I care?” I finally asked … Continue reading “$5 Million”

Somebody else

Somebody else should have been kinder. Somebody else should have helped you while you held your own broken pieces together. Somebody should have been a tether. Somebody should have told you That you were always enough While sitting beside you, in your dark, And letting you know you’re worth it. Somebody else should have known … Continue reading “Somebody else”

Reddit: by Ladybird

Funny story I found on Reddit…. Below, is an interesting post I once stumbled upon on Reddit. It was posted July of 2019, by someone using the same username that Asshole used for his email address, so I can only assume that this user is Asshole. If it isn’t, what a coincidence?! I wanted to … Continue reading “Reddit: by Ladybird”


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