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Do you know him?

I see you reading this blog. If you’re anything like me, something he said stuck in your mind and it just doesn’t seem right. You’ve hopped onto Google or Bing hoping for the answer and to make sense of it all. You stumbled across this blog on your day off, on a lunch break, or … Continue reading “Do you know him?”

Just a blip

I still know your eyes are green,But now I know it like a fact.Two plus two equals four,The earth is round, and all of that. I no longer know their shadeLike a visceral feeling without thinking,Like cold wind on rosy cheeksOr how liquor burns when drinking. I know your hair is curlyAnd I know your … Continue reading “Just a blip”

Religion — Hobbo’s Poems

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Religion Twas on a Tuesday morning The vicar came to call. He said, “My child, I’ve noticed, You don’t go to church, at all.” “Well, the way I see it father, He must be very busy, Requests, shout-outs, and favours Must leave him in a tizzy.” “I’ve considerately decided, […] … Continue reading “Religion — Hobbo’s Poems”

UPDATED: Pesky muses

Hey Y’all! We’re live over on the other blog now. It’s still a work in progress but it will be a slow evolution rather than a final reveal. CLICK HERE to check out “Pesky Muses”. (I couldn’t think of a name for the blog for the longest time until I realized, duh, I already had!) … Continue reading “UPDATED: Pesky muses”


Have you ever watched the candle flame shrink to nothing? To start, the flame is bright and big and you can’t help but see it. The orange is bold and present.  With time, the orange dims until it’s only blue radiating heat around the wick. This chapter is almost done. The glowing blue flicker dances … Continue reading “Acceptance”

You win

You’ve already won. So can you just go away?  Take your victory; take my shattered trust and mixed memories and confidence in myself as your trophies and move on. I’ve lost. I’ve lost all that and that’s my deficit to handle now. I don’t want them back from you. I’d rather live without them than … Continue reading “You win”

Doubts and dichotomies

There’s somebody who is only like Asshole in the handful of ways I would keep. They are the polar opposite in the ways I need them to be. There’s somebody I want to trust; somebody who is good to me. There’s somebody who is patient and kind and seems to never lie. There’s somebody who … Continue reading “Doubts and dichotomies”


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